Muthoot Global

Muthoot Global is the overseas arm of the Muthoot Group. As an innate part of the group’s expansion strategy, Muthoot Global commenced its operations in 2002 and entered the markets of UAE. The operations of the group at the global level comprise money transfer, wealth management, foreign exchange, Happy Day Gifts, travel, vacation planning and real estate.

Muthoot Global UK is a Muthoot Group overseas initiative established in UK in the year 2007. Focusing on the NRI population, Muthoot Global UK functions in the following core areas:

  • Money Transfer
  • Foreign Exchange
  • Travel and Tourism
  • Happy Day Gifts
  • Gold Loan

Since Muthoot Global UK is a unique non-banking institution with a prominent presence in the UK, our services are highly valued in the UK markets.

The Challenge of Global Operations

An ability to shift operations flexibly is essential for global operations. At Muthoot Global UK, we abide by the extensive range of legal, practical as well as social aspects of business in every country where we are present.

Innovation and progress have been our greatest teachers for the past three years of our operations in the UK. A truly global employee base is what defines the unmatched strength that we have garnered for this global venture of the Muthoot Group of companies.

Not only does Muthoot Global serve the United Kingdom, but it has also established a solid base in USA, and UAE with plans to rapidly expand into Singapore, Germany and several GCC nations in the near future.

Core Values

Muthoot Global UK imbibes and propagates the values of excellence and reliability in operations. Being a global arm of one of the largest conglomerates in the world, we at Muthoot Global UK are entrusted with the responsibility of creating a truly global image for the Muthoot Group of companies.

The four core values that are deeply ingrained in our work culture comprise integrity, trust, excellence and commitment. Adherence to duty, prompt customer service and awareness towards customer sentiments are innate to the manner in which we conduct our business.