Muthoot Global

Muthoot Global US is a recently established global wing of the Muthoot Group. The company commenced its operations in USA in April 2010. Today, it offers two of the most sought after services to the NRI populace viz. Money Transfer and Happy Gift Services.

Needless to say, the Muthoot Group is looking at rapid expansion and growth in foreign markets with a service like money transfer. Being a dominant player in the market, we are entrusted with the responsibility of providing reliable and trusted service.

The Challenge of Global Operations

At times when competition demands and survival drives a global presence, penetration into foreign markets has become a trend. The potential that global operations hold is unbridled. Harnessing this global potential is what Muthoot Global US aims to unleash.

The US market today is one of the most sensitive ones to operate in. In the wake of the financial crisis, Muthoot Global US plays upon its two greatest strengths i.e. stabilization of operations and new innovations that can absorb the shock of regulations introduced by governments to continue providing its customers unhindered services. A diverse employee strength further adds to the adaptability of the operations of Muthoot Global USA.

Core Values

Modern in its outlook, Muthoot Global US till date imbibes the traditional values of prayer and humility from its parent company. Being a global wing of one of the most trusted groups in the world, we at Muthoot Global US reflect the culture and legacy of trust, which we have believed in for the past 126 years.

The four core values that are deeply ingrained in our work culture comprise integrity, trust, excellence and commitment. Adherence to duty and prompt customer service are innate to the manner in which we conduct our business.