The Muthoot Group

The Muthoot Group is a colossal conglomerate serving 20 diverse fields and over 6 million customers across India. “Growth and expansion” has been a trend at the group ever since it was established.

Spanning over 132 years and guided by 19th generation of the Muthoot family, the group has created a global image for itself by serving over 2 lakh people each day and managing more than 6 million loan accounts.

Mission & Vision Statements

Creating an agile and reliable business approach is what the Muthoot Group has always believed in. Innovation has been innate to our offerings and trust has been a vital ingredient of our customer relations. Hence the vision:

“Be the most trusted, globally diversified institution enriching lives of the masses while contributing back to the society. ”

Keeping that Vision in mind, the following Mission Statement has been adopted by The Muthoot Group:

“To build leading customer-centric businesses enabled by technology, maintaining the highest standards of corporate governance and uncompromising values.”

An Assorted Range

Eminent across the 20 diverse industries that it serves, the Muthoot Group is a versatile entity offering an assortment of products and services to its customers. The following fall under the purview of this rapidly growing conglomerate:


Muthoot Global US and Muthoot Group: A Shared Vision

The US market is ripe for business and is flooding with growth opportunities. The challenge, however, is the mounting competition as well as entry barriers.  Our brand image and culture were instrumental in meeting this challenge head on. We borrow a culture of customer-service, openness and transparency which is respected in US.

The Muthoot Group commenced its operations in the US with a mission to provide a high quality service from a familiar brand to the large NRI Population.  At present our US operations focus on money transfer and Happy Day Gifts (an e-commerce gifting service), with plans to introduce other services which exist under the Muthoot brand umbrella in the near future.