Money Transfer

Regulated by the Dept. Of Treasury Division of Revenue New Jersey, U.S.A. Royal Exchange USA is also the approved ‘Overseas principal Agent’ of MTSS license (Money Transfer Service Scheme) issued by Reserve Bank of India. Its approval as the Overseas principle agent is instrumental for the company to collect the money from appointed Agents (Banks, Exchange Houses, Money Transfer Companies etc) from abroad and transfer the money to India. The major operation/service offering of the company however, is international remittance.

Royal Exchange USA: An Overview

With the objective to accomplish a healthy growth in profitability, which is consistent with the Muthoot Group’s risk appetite, Royal Exchange USA works as a “profit centre” benchmarking ourselves against international standard of best practices. The company’s business strategy is reflected in our money transfer operations and through our operations we highlight:

  • Augment market share in global remittance business
  • Open saleable systems to increase efficiency and effectiveness of operations
  • Focus on rapid growth and diminishing volatility

Advantage Royal Exchange USA

There are a number of distinctive advantages that the services of Royal Exchange USA provide. We list them as follows:

  • An option to pay anywhere
  • Payment disbursement enabled at over 4000 branches in India
  • Best Foreign Exchange rates which are very close to the interbank rates
  • USD settlements with all agents irrespective of region
  • Freedom and flexibility to develop your own unique product

A robust web based system which is hosted in India and manages and supported by both India and UAE helps us establish a strong operational network.